In Musicoin Yellow Paper, we have described the strategy we are going to use to migrate the private blockchain to the Ethereum-based DeFi platform. Here we will present to our community how to migrate your existing $MUSIC coins to the new platform, thanks to the support of DoveWallet.

Tools You Need

Conversion Rate and Procedure

After deliberation with our community, we settled the conversion rate from $MUSIC(old) to $MUSIC(new token) as 1:1.

  1. Download MetaMask(> v8.1.4) and connect to Musicoin blockchain at by click “Custom RPC” under MetaMask’s “Network” menu:
    - “New RPC URL”:

Ver 1.1

update: We have changed the governance token scheme after discussing with the community.

Author: Musicoin Community

Executive Summary

After years of experiments, we have pinpointed several key areas to innovate online music service with blockchain technology by removing both hypes and barriers from previous experiences. The whole community has applied some novel processes to bring composable and interoperable potential into a new protocol to facilitate a decentralized music streaming realm over a public blockchain (Ethereum, more specifically). …

New Version of GMC to Downsize the Mining Yield to 0

March 27th, Brussel

The $MUSIC blockchain has made a new hardfork to upgrade the wallet software, GMC, to version 3.9.9.

“The new hardfork is necessary to reduce empty transactions which have hindered the system for a long time ”, one community member expressed in Telegram.

The new version of GMC has been released to Github repositories on March 26th,2020,, during the global outbreak of Coronavirus started from China since January.

“We will continue to serve musicians during the global pandemic and try our best to upgrade the whole…

A stepstone leading to be a more engaging ecosystem

Oct 11th, Hong Kong

Musicoin Project is launching version 3 of its mobile app today, with enhanced musician following and tipping functions.

“We’ve been focusing on the improvements of the user experience issues for some time, and finally it’s safe to deliver. We hope the community will be happy with that and help grow the ecosystem as before,” Ben Gyles, Chief App Developer.

The new version benefits from a performance upgrade on both UI and streaming, and fine-tuning of the whole frontend and backend system. One of the major functionalities is…

Altilly Adds MUSIC-BTC and MUSIC-XQR Trading Pairs

July 27th, Hong Kong

The $MUSIC currency has been listed on, a new type of exchange platform focusing on value projects and a new level of security.

A new genre of crypto exchange isfocusing on value projects

“The new features of Musicoin’s blockchain has brought more attention and participation to our network, also new exchanges to boost the tractions from the root. We are happy to see more partners,” Immy Khan, Crypto Director, Musicoin Project

“We have long paid attention to MUSIC and wanted to add the coin to the listing when our team mined MUSIC. Recently, more users requested us to…

New Trading Vehicle Will Fuel Next Steps of MUSIC Blockchain

July 5th, 2019, Hong Kong

The $MUSIC currency has been listed on Exchange-Assets, a new type of crypto exchange platform focusing on valuable projects and a new level of security.

“The new hard fork of Musicoin blockchain has brought more attention and participation to our network, also new exchanges to boost the tractions from the root. We are happy to see more partners,” Ehsan Hajian, System Manager, Musicoin Project.

“We have long paid attention to MUSIC and wanted to add the coin to the listing when our team mined MUSIC…

Block reward will be reduced to one fifth to match the economy

May 15th, Hong Kong

The Musicoin Project has released new blockchain software(V3.0), dubbed “QT” (Quantitative Tightening), to support the currency supply cut in response to the real status of the $MUSIC economy. The hardfork will reduce the chain yield to 50 MUSIC/block, from its previous 250 MUSIC/block.

“We’ve been evaluating the economy behind the Musicoin system for a while. The data and findings are really fascinating. Now we have found the best formula in this economy and want to put it into the ledger to reflect our findings…

More than just a minor upgrade

April 24th, Hong Kong

The Musicoin Mobile application has just made a significant upgrade to MMV2, dubbed V2.1. It could change how the music economy works globally.

“It’s a minor step in our versioning, but a major step in the industry,” said Isaac Mao, founder of the Musicoin Project, “It’s the first time that a crypto project has been supported by mobile in-app purchase, consolidating our mission to make blockchain useful in daily life”.

Today, MM upgrades to version 2.1(“MMV2.1”), on both the Android and IOS platforms, adding a substantial function to the free…

March 19, Hong Kong, 11 PM

New Arrival! MMV2

The groundbreaking Musicoin Mobile application, on both the IOS and Android platform, has attracted not only existing users on the Musicoin Platform but also raised the eyebrows of a new group of internet users, millennial music lovers.

Why do millennial listeners love free music? A new industry report has revealed the secret, “It’ll prove more fuel both for the music industry’s complaints about the ‘value gap’”. Musicoin is definitely echoing the needs of the young generation based on the big trend of Fair Play for both musicians and music lovers. …



What if musicians could be compensated fairly and automatically on a world-class streaming platform? What if fans and listeners could play their favorite tunes for free? Musicoin is a pioneering example today of what blockchain could do for the entire music streaming business tomorrow. Version 1 of the app is now free to download on the App and Google Play stores.

Musicoin conceived a new form of shared economy in which every contributor gets paid…


Blockchain and digital currency for music

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